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Product Image (r70cp / r90 cp)

Pu Flooring

We are one of global leaders in PU floorings. Highly impact resistance / thermal shock resistance. Ideal for Food / Pharma/ Fishery / Meat / Cold storages types of industries.

Product Image (cl11)

self levelling compound

CL 11 is a self levelling compound / vinyl undrlayment compound applied before vinyl flooring.

Product Image (a45 and others)

Floor Repair Compounds

Generally there are always issues pertaining to bonding of old and new concrete. To sort out the issue we have a range of cementatious and epoxy floor repair compounds.

Product Image (a45/acf8/su10/b33/b30/b50/ep310/others)

Concrete Repairs

We have a very wide rnage of concrete repair products like crack filling compounds , pu joint selant for expansion joints , cementatious/epxoy/pu based repair compounds, shrink free grouts.

Product Image (ep320)

crack repair compound

It is a floor repair compound mainly used for cracks filling on the floors.

Product Image (p51/p7/r2ce/r3ce/others)

Industrial Primers

We have a very wide range of primers viz. water based primers, solvent free epoxy primers, acralic & pu primers for various applications.

Product Image (rch 100)

Rust Converter

Rust Converter Mosil RCH 100 is a rust converter designed to convert the rusty surface into an inert protective barrier coating. It reacts with the rust converting it into an inert bluish black tough durable polymer barrier. This prevents further rust formation and oxidation.

Product Image (ar coat)

AR coat

Acid Resistant Coating It is a specially formulated Acid Fumes corrosion protection coating for long term indoor and outdoor protection of components etc. It leaves a dry film capable of withstanding severe acid fumes ,moisture, and humidity etc. providing protection against rust and corrosion for more than 24 months.

Product Image (insulkote)

Insulation coating

High Di Electric Strength Self - Levelling Solvent Free Epoxy Insulation Coating

Product Image (ARDEX)

Epoxy Floor Coatings

self leveling epoxy flooring solutions