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We are trading in a wide range of premium quality cleaners. In this range, we have water based, solvent based and rust remover. These are formulated for industrial applications for eliminating dirt, solder flux, baked on oil, contaminants, greases etc. In addition to this, the said products are also ideal for cold batch cleaning, vapor degreasing and automated cleaning equipment. These are highly efficient in lifting stains, dissolving paint, dry-cleaning fabrics and removing glue. Cleaners contribute in restoring tools, surfaces and equipment to bare metal. Our offered products help in scrubbing, scraping and chipping purposes. These are accurate in proportion, highly reliable and pure. 
Product Image (Ntkor 9625)

Water based cleaner

NTKOR 9625 is a water based NSF certified, biodegredable cleaner. A Heav y Duty Neut ra l clea ner meant for fer rous meta l in spray and ultrasonic machine. I t leaves almos t zero residues on cleaned surface.

Product Image (dg 500)

solvent based cleaner

It is a non chlorinated quick drying solvent based cleaner cum degreaser formulated from a carefully selected blend of solvents that removes moisture, oil, grease, waxy sludge, dirt or any other contaminations effectively. It is formulated from new generation solvents free from Carbon Tetra Chloride (CTC), Silicones, 1-1-1 Trichloroethane, CFC 113, etc. which are banned and not Eco-Friendly.

Product Image (REM 400)

rust remover

MOSIL REM 400 is the foam type rust removing solution for fast and economic removal of rust and scale, vegetable and mineral sols, other acid susceptible sols etc. The product contains no phosphates and is HACCP compliant. It is non aggressive to the skin and hence safer to handle as compared to other conventional cleaners.